Welcome to Totmons® – The Evergreen Touch for Your Business

At Totmons®, we understand that the vitality of your retail space is reflected in the freshness of your products. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Continuous Refresh Program, a revolutionary service designed to keep your plant inventory vibrant, varied, and exceptionally fresh.

Why Choose Totmons® Continuous Refresh?

Consistently Fresh Inventory: Say goodbye to the hassles of aging stock. Our weekly delivery service ensures that your business is constantly supplied with the freshest two-inch plants, all year round.

Tailored to Your Needs: We work closely with you to understand the unique requirements of your business, customizing our plant selections to complement your space and delight your customers.

Seamless Stock Management: Our innovative pay-per-sale system simplifies your inventory management. You only pay for what you sell, allowing you to maintain optimal stock levels without any upfront costs.

What We Offer

  • A diverse range of robust, two-inch plants in classic terracotta pots, curated to suit all seasons.
  • Hassle-free weekly refreshes, replacing any unsold plants with new, lively selections.
  • Zero maintenance worries—our plants come tagged, UPC-coded, and ready for display.
  • Transparent pay-per-sale pricing—no hidden fees, just straightforward, honest business.

Our Promise to You

With Totmons® Continuous Refresh Program, you can trust that your plant offerings will always be as dynamic and lively as the customers who walk through your doors. Let us handle the foliage while you focus on nurturing your business growth.

Become a part of Totmons® green revolution today and watch your sales bloom!